About us

Our story in short

It does not matter if you wish to present your products, expand your horizons within the branch or just want to consolidate your brand, we are eager to support you. We design and manufacture exhibition stands (including authorial, systemic and mobile types). We also deal with trading posts (points of sale, stands, promotional stands), as well as, with commercial interiors (stores, exhibitions, showrooms, external expositions). The results of our work are as unique and remarkable as our clients. We start with a customized project, then we carry out a professional manufacturing process including engineering supervision. Moreover, we also can help you with fulfilling the formalities and the assembly. We would love to assist you at every step of your commercial journey.

Our team of experienced designers is ready to materialize your ideas. We always take every suggestion into account, making sure that the client is fully satisfied with our work.
The international team, at our disposal, provides you with customer support, available in several foreign languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic and Russian. We would like you to feel comfortable due to our professional support throughout the whole process of designing the stand until the assembly.

Having the safety standards in mind, we exclusively use only proven technical solutions, high quality materials, as well as, we fulfill all the peremptory norms, including the most restrictive international directives.

Our state-of-the-art machinery park uses the CNC technology, which allows us to create the most remarkable stands. Imagine, how wonderful your exhibition would be, taking into account our precise planning and the quality control, carried by our most experienced engineers. This job is our passion, and we are fully devoted to it.